The Boot – The Contenders, ‘Finer Weather’ [Exclusive Premiere]

3rd October 2017

Read More – The Contenders (Americana/ Folk-Rock) To Release New Album In November

6th September 2017

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Broadway World – The Contenders (Americana / folk-rock) to Release New Album in November

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Country Weekly

30th November 2014

“for fans of The Band, John Hiatt & Little Feat.”  “The duo’s sound paints a picture of open stretches of road as well as lazy days at home – sonic comfort food constructed on a bed of groove and storytelling”

KDHX Saint Louis

28th November 2014

“The Contender has a ripe and rugged Americana sound with a honky tonk spirit and a harmony driven soul”

Pasadena Weekly

26th November 2014

There’s a feel-good appeal in their limber harmonies and easy, percussive drive that should appeal to fans of singer-songwriters and jam-band fans alike. Levon would be pleased”

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CMT Edge: The Contenders Sing About One of Their Own

24th November 2014

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New York Minute Magazine

10th November 2014

The truth of their folk / Americana-twinged songs comes through stories and honest depictions of the world around them. They write music that they don’t struggle for or against, but they just let happen. Their album, “Meet the Contenders” (releasing Nov 18), is just like that. It is unflinching in its commitment to fidelity, written by two artists who bring their whole heart every time they step into the ring.

Paste Magazine

5th November 2014

“You could say that The Contenders are a band greater than the sum of its parts, but that wouldn’t quite be fair to the parts: it’s the duo of Jay Nash and Josh Day, both distinguished musicians and songwriters with their own unique voices and perspectives.”

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American Songwriter

20th October 2014

“Their blend of folk, rock and country (is on) proud display with their debut EP, ‘Meet the Contenders’”

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WXPN The Key: Meet The Contenders and download “The Contender”

15th October 2014

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CMT Edge: Jay Nash and Josh Day Introduce “The Contender”

28th August 2014

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